Sunday, November 14, 2010

Framing the loft

It was so exciting to see the loft go in.. I'm getting a little behind here, so this happened a couple of weeks ago.  Joel of Arctic Wolf Homes Inc. completed this task for us, and it's fun for the kids to see where their bedroom is going to be.  It's always good to see the interior walls go in, and see how much space there will actually be in the rooms.  In this case there will be just enough room.  Definitely tight by Canadian standards, but really all we need to fit are the beds.  I figure they are huge by UK standards, so it's all about perspective, right?  What about you... do you think you could make do with small bedrooms?

That's the bathroom at the end 
Joel finishing up 
Greg is in there for scale... the ceilings will be 8 feet in the bedrooms

Little girl's very impressive scrap wood sculpture of the "grey house"

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Mike said...

so cute sculpture of the forest house! good job!