Saturday, December 11, 2010

studly steel

Just a quick note to show you the steel stud framing... we did the exterior walls in 2x6 steel, and all other walls with 2x4.  Okanagan Drywall did the steel framing, and will be doing the drywall when the time comes.  It was a surprise to me that drywallers do steel stud framing.  Who would have guessed?

We left a 1" air gap between the framing and the exterior wall to prevent cold and heat transfer through the walls.  We also had the carport and front entry poured.  There is a donnacona thermal barrier between the main concrete pad and the front entry, so it had to be done in two pours.

The front entry

The front entry.. you can see here that we indented it by about 4 feet to provide cover for the entryway. 
You may notice we moved the front entry door from it's original placement on the right hand wall.  Somehow the wall ended up too short and the door wouldn't fit.  Thank goodness it and the window (just) fit on the one wall.  Incidentally it will give us more office space inside, so it is all for the best.

The front entry from the inside, and looking out the door to the carport 
The mudroom 
View from the mudroom... what a treat to have a beautiful forest view out each and every window! 
The carport floor 
The bathroom 
This shows Greg's handy framing in the bathroom... including the ledge (for shampoo) that I insisted on.  A framer Greg is not - so I appreciate all the time he spent doing this in the freezing cold (thanks honey!).

The front entry with the windows and exterior drywall in place.. and oh look!  the snow!
This is the exterior with the windows and exterior drywall board installed.  Soon the insulation will go in, and we will all be glad for that.  We had been hoping to beat the snow and get the driveway completed, but it didn't quite happen.  Likely it will have to wait for spring now!

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