Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets 2

The kitchen islands provide so much storage and counter space, that they almost double my kitchen size.  I had them built on casters so that I can move them around based on what I need them for.  The tops are the same size and height so they can be pushed together into one very large (4' x 8') island, or split into two.
One island is open underneath.  I had Kelowna steel fabricators build two legs based on my drawings, and SuCasa Cabinets attached the counter, shelves and casters.  This island also has an overhang to allow for two counter height stools.
The other island is enclosed, two big cupboards on one side, and drawers on the other.

The legs are 2"square steel pipe, with plates on the top and bottom.  There are two crossbars for the shelves to sit on.
The legs could have been painted, or powder coated, but I like the industrial feel of them just the way they are.  A quick wipe and a couple of clear coats and they were done!
When they first got delivered I thought I had made them way too big, but now that my eye has gotten used to them (and I have filled them to the brim) I am so happy that I maximized my storage space.  In this little house every inch counts!

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