Wednesday, June 1, 2011

check this out

And what is this, you ask?  Why it's a gorgeous glass and silicone reusable water bottle I say!  Can you believe I WON this little pink creation over at pretty little green things, a fantastic blog which I read regularly.  Petra is also a contributing writer at Pure Green Magazine, a beautiful Canadian online mag which you should totally check out!

Eco-friendly water bottle

Now, don't get too jealous.. but these just launched in the US, and I can't seem to find anywhere in Canada that stocks them yet.  So you might not be able to get one.  That's right, I just might be the very first Canadian to own a BKR.  I am super-cool.  Actually, I guess it's Petra who's super-cool, since she held the contest!

I have to say that the bottle is really pretty, and although I haven't dropped it yet, the silicone does seem very cushiony.  I love the glass-bottle opening.  So much nicer feeling (and tasting) than metal, and no annoying complicated push/sip valves.  I can carry this at work, and it looks appropriate.  It fits in my cupholder.  And if I do break it, they'll replace it for FREE.

The whole thing can go in the top rack of the dishwasher, and although it says the silicone sleeve doesn't have to come off, I found I got a lot of moisture (and a little food grit) under the sleeve.  So in the future I will take the sleeve off to wash it.  Because it bothers me, and that's the kind of girl I am.  You're probably much more tolerant and would save yourself some work by just throwing it right in there.  You're smart like that.

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Anonymous said...

bkr loves Canada and bkr is now available to those living in Canada - bkr can ship from the online store - how excititng! I think you should suggest to your favorite local shops that they should carry them too.