Monday, July 9, 2012

Airstream exterior

Here are some shots of the old girl, exactly how we found her.  Although she is in really great condition for her year ('68), everything inside and out needs freshened up.  We have a couple of orders of parts coming from Vintage Trailer Supply, a fantastic source for new production trailer parts for vintage trailers.  

As you can see from the front, there is rust on just about everything that is not aluminum.  The tongue, the propane tanks, all the little latches and the step.  Also the plastics used in the 60's have not fared well over time.  
There is a nice big awning, and the hardware for it works really well.  The fabric however is so full of mildew I can smell it from 15 feet away when it's open.  Eww.

This plastic panel used to be clear.

Another shot of the side.  You can see here how the windows all have curved glass, and the original panes are all still there.  Airstream only made these windows for three years (I believe, I make no claims at expertise here) so in my opinion they are extra cool.

The back end.. sorry, it's overexposed.  Nice butt though.

Love this.

The other side.  You can see here how the clear-coat has been peeling off.  We're going to help that process along.  It looks patchy right now, but removing it all should even it out.  At that point we'll decide whether to leave it or buff the aluminum up to a high gloss.

No reason for this photo, I just love this.

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