Saturday, April 2, 2011


I know that you are reading... over 500 visits last month!  But who are you?  Nobody is talking to me!  To be honest, I kind of feel like I'm talking to myself most of the time...
yes, i'm talking to you
...soooo, in the interest of getting you to comment, I would like to ask you a question.
As I wrap up talking about the finishes in the house, I am going to have a bit of a lull in major projects around here.  I will continue to blog about the work on the yard, and some posts about decorating the house.. but the chicken coop, and the garden will likely wait until next summer.

And so I am wondering.. what would you like to see more of here?

green decor sources and ideas?
features on locally handmade items?
discussion about how we as a family are learning to  "live" green?

Please, I am open to suggestion..

So brave the comments box and tell me what you want... I really want to know!


missy said...

Hi Mika!! You're definitely not talking to yourself - I'm listening on the edge of my seat! I love learning about local items you've discovered, and of course getting to see pics of you and your sweet family being pioneers out there in the world of home building in the OK. When we built our house I was sickened by the excessive waste and lack of originality - mostly I was lazy but if we ever build again I'm glad you've done all the work for me!!! I think you should write a book.... just puttin' that out there... love you!!

Anonymous said...

There is so much about your home that I envy and I admire the dedication with which you have researched each and every product. We all should be as conscious of what we bring into our homes. Could you tell us how you keep you kids green? what is your opinion on plastic toys, over buying and ways to keep them entertained without all the new gadgets? Keep up the good work! MM

Anonymous said...

Hi Mika - you are being read all the way from Mexico. I enjoy checking in every week or so and read a few blogs. Not sure if I have any specific questions but have been curious about what the outside of the house is looking like at the moment? If I think of something else i'll let you know! Jacquie

mika said...

Thanks, girls for commenting... I appreciate hearing some feedback! Missy, glad to know you are reading...although an author I am not!
MM, I'll do a full post about the kid stuff some other day.. too much to say here!
Jacquie, just so you know we still have snow up here in the frozen north! In fact, it was snowing at lunch time today! That said, greg and I are having many discussions looking out the windows with coffee in hand. It will be a busy summer. I'm reading your blog too, looks like your mom and dad are having a super fun visit! Thanks all for letting me know I'm not all alone in the blogosphere!