Saturday, September 11, 2010


So here's a little bit about the footings and foundations and back-filling.  Quite honestly it's not the most exciting part of building (for me).. but I am well aware at how critical it is to the rest of the project, and I certainly respect a tidy and accurate job.

The company who did the excavating and back-filling was Brantal Contracting, and they did an excellent job.  Nice men with big machines...

Our footings and foundation have been done by Randy Scott Framing and I have never seen such straight and level foundation walls... they will be back to do the trusses and framing when the time comes.  

The blue tank in the last photo is a water storage tank which the well will fill automatically.  The area where we are building has a history of water shortage, and although the well is producing more than enough for us right now, we thought it wise to have a system in place just in case it slows down in the future.

Beyond this If you have any specific questions about anything, just drop us a comment and we will answer as best we can!

Is is just me, or is a stack of logs a thing of beauty?
The initial clearing of the house site.  It pains me to have the trees removed, but rest assured that we (and by we I mean Greg.. no chain saw shall be wielded by me) will only be cutting down what is necessary for the house, septic field, driveway, and solar exposure.  All the trees will be used for heating the house in years to come, so they will not have given their lives in vain.
Our wonderful framers building forms for the footings
back-filling of the foundation
synchronized dirt packing.. 
Always enjoyable watching a large digger at work.. or at rest
the water storage tank

And so, we are left with a lovely foundation, cleared driveway, outhouse, and a water tank... what more does a girl need?  Well, maybe a few things.. but that's the fun stuff!    Have a great weekend!

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