Tuesday, September 21, 2010

up go the walls

the south facing wall
I think I have mentioned before how much I love concrete block.  That certainly has not changed... I am interested to see how much more stable the house will be from using block and steel stud as opposed to wood framing.  Imagine if we didn't get screws popping out of the drywall, or cracks in the corners??  Novel idea... I suppose only time will tell.

the west facing wall.. when the bracing is removed it will become an inset front entry
So needless to say I am very excited about owning our very own concrete block walls!  The blocks are textured but smooth to the touch, and the masons did a most excellent job.. so straight and tidy it is lovely to behold.  

the carport and utility room
You may have figured out by now that although Greg is a masonry contractor he did not in fact build our walls, which was his original intention.  In the end we hired Willf Kimmich (Kimm Masonry Ltd.) to do the work, as Greg was swamped with work for his own customers and as you all know the cobbler's kids go without shoes.  We are so fortunate that Willf was available to do it, and that he got the walls up so fast... It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a skilled tradesman can do such precise work.

detail of the block texture
It is always nice to see the walls go up for a new home.  After all the underground work, it is so nice to see where the rooms will be, and what the view is like from the living room.  

It starts to feel... concrete.

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