Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Driveway

We have a nice long slightly curved driveway... long enough that Greg will happily have to purchase a man-toy to keep it cleared, but not so long that it will feel like a chore.  Curved enough to not feel straight, yet easy to back a trailer down.  Sloped enough to get up some speed on a 2-wheeler, yet not too steep to pedal up.  I love our driveway.

the lovely driveway
The surface is re-cycled asphalt.  In case you were ever wondering what happens to the old asphalt when it gets pulled up off the road (which quite honestly had never crossed my mind)... this is it!  It's like gravel, but packs better.  As far as I can tell it should remain water-permeable which means we won't have issues with run-off, and I am told that it will pack a little tighter in the heat next summer.

close-up of the driveway and a gratuitous shot of my cute, comfy and practical new Keens.

For now the driveway does not run all the way to the house, but it will before winter.

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