Saturday, February 5, 2011

favourite things

With joy I can say that the kids are settling in.  Little boy loves the wood stove.  I caught him warming his belly 3 inches from the glass last night.  Yikes.

Little girl has a very large crafting table, and she produces an astonishing amount of artwork.  Every.  Day.  We need a system.

They are both loving the warm concrete floors.  No major injuries yet (thank goodness) although I have visions of head vs. floor collisions.  And we're down one bowl.

Curious George for two

tea, dahling?
All in all, things are going swimmingly.  Sharing one room is going as well as expected, and last night was the first since move in that no-one stumbled out of the bedroom in the dark of the night.  Bunk beds are highly anticipated and much discussed.  I have so many plans and ideas for their room and play space to make them absolutely fantastic!  It is hard for me to slow down.. and the list of projects yet to be accomplished in our home is long and involved.  Inside.  Outside.  Animals.  Compost.  Furniture.  Garden.  Canning.  Outbuildings.  Driveway... ouff.  I need a cup of coffee.  Have a great weekend!

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Melissa Fed said...

So glad you are settling in! And I HEAR you on the list of projects. I don't think it ever is DONE is it???!!
I can hardly wait for spring though to see what is under all this snow!
Tea soon I hope!