Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the stairs

I love our stairs.  Really and truly.  
Initially we had considered a ship's ladder to get upstairs (in hindsight I am shaking my head in disbelief)...

yum yum farm house kitchen loft
image from dwell
I still think that for older kids this would be fantastic!
and then we thought we could do skinny stairs...

image from Mister Step
and eventually we realized we could do full sized stairs (yay!).  The full width is so much more practical, and I am thrilled that we have room for them.

no they're not crooked, that's just my photography skills
They are clad in white birch ply, with maple stair nosing.  The posts and rails are hemlock, and the railing panels are birch (although I don't know what species).  The different woods work together beautifully and just blend into blond loveliness.
exposed lag bolts 
sure doesn't look like three wood species
The round edge was trimmed off the stair nosing in favour of a square edge, and the risers are kicked back at an angle.

the landing.. ignore the green tape on the left (that railing is the last thing still to be oiled!)
Our finishing carpenter James Ball once again worked his magic, and turned our homely looking staircase into a work of art.  I think it turned out pretty darn stunning.

the stair nosing before - stock Maple

the stair nosing after
I could not be happier.  They are lovely, soft, warm, and unlike any staircase we have had before.  Perfection.

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