Saturday, February 5, 2011

loft railing

The loft and stairwell railing was hard for us to imagine.  We had ordered some polycarbonate panels early on for this purpose, but we had no idea how to achieve the look we were picturing in our heads.  Enter James of James Ball Construction.  Problem solved.

we used domestic hemlock posts and rails from Cajun Mouldings
James did such an amazing job, and was incredibly detail oriented and precise.  He met our wish for a minimal aesthetic by cutting a dado inside the posts, rail and shoe.  The polycarbonate slotted in and is really sturdy.   I was worried that the panels would need cross-bracing... but as it turns out they didn't, and that made me really really happy.

We wanted the posts to overhang the drywall and have exposed bolts.  I think it looks great, and I will post more pictures when we finish oiling it.  I love that I can see the kids up there, and that the railing is over-height so it feels really safe for the little guys.  The  polycarbonate looks "reeded" so it doesn't show any fingerprints (yay!) and it lets all the lovely light stream through.

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