Saturday, April 16, 2011


I can't believe I haven't shown you the lighting yet!  

After many hours of searching I ordered almost all our lighting through Barn Light Electric in the States.  If you haven't seen their product yet, you should definitely check it out.  It is that elusive retro/industrial/modern style which suits our house perfectly.  Here are some pics of our lights...

Goodrich Gooseneck light with Black Enamel shade
We got 5.. aren't they fantastic?
Barn Light Electric manufactures a good portion of their lights in the US.  Most of the lights are CSA or UL rated for use in Canada.  Best of all, they are reasonably priced, and everything is customizable.  Cloth cord?  Sure!  Teal Green?  Why, of course!  Reeded glass?  No problem!  So. Many. Choices.

Barn light outlaw pendant - we intentionally chose a light with the bulb neck exposed.  This allows uplighting at night to light up the plywood ceiling.
 There are six barn light pendants for overhead/general lighting in the great room.  I just realized this is kind of a horrible picture.. hang on..

that's better.

atomic industrial pendant with reeded glass over the kitchen sink

two wall mount double CGU sconces in the bathroom 
galvanized aluminum finish, reeded glass
This one was on clearance and is no longer available. 
Because lights made in north america are as rare as hens teeth, we did end up with a few that are manufactured overseas.  

The ceiling fans are by Emerson, and although I believe these are made in China, there are many things I appreciate about this fan.  The information on airflow, electricity use, and airflow efficiency are readily available, and because of the hydrofoil blade, this fan can really move a lot of air.  The motor has a lifetime warranty too, so hopefully that means we won't ever have to replace them.  They run night and day, so a quality fan was important.  Oh, and they look cool.

our bedroom lights snuck by me... they are made in China by Hubberton Forge.  If you follow the link you'll see why I was fooled.  No mention of it there.
 And last but not least... the dining room light, which is our only IKEA light, but is well worth it.  It is made in China.  To find a light the right scale and the right feel made in the USA would have cost a few grand (at least for the ones I like!) and since I really want to add a whimsical touch to our home, this light seemed perfect!  The price tag didn't hurt either.. at $99.99 you really can't go wrong.  That said I would have happily paid double if it was manufactured in Europe or North America.

I have actually had my eye on this light since it was first released, but never had an appropriate place to put it.  The scale is perfect (It's 32" in diameter), and the kids love it.  It throws the prettiest shadows over the whole room at night.  So happy with this decision.


And that, my friends, wraps up the lighting in the house!  Now I am going back to sit by the fire, because it may be spring down in the valley but up here it is still decidedly winter.  I'm hoping for spring to arrive in May, but for now I go down into town for walks in the warm sun and to see the trees budding and the bulbs in bloom.  But that's why people love the Okanagan... the golf courses and ski hills are both open!

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Urban Girl - Heartfelt said...

Want to say I really am enjoying your blog - I want to thank you for sharing the green choices in your home. My bfriend and I are buying a place in July and want to do as many retrofits as green as possible and I will definitely be referring back here (and sharing what I find on my searches also!).

Lovely home!