Monday, May 2, 2011

adorable bow tutorial

In the interest of simplifying and using handmade products I cleared out my box of gift wrapping goodies.  I let little girl use up the papers and decorations for craft projects (heaven for her!), and decided that from now on we will only use brown craft paper or fabric for wrapping gifts.

We've seen quite the trend these last few years of gift bags, and while they are super easy to re-use I seem to fall into the trap of wanting the gifts we give as a family to reflect who we are.  Disney Princesses simply don't do it for me.  Sorry.  Which translates into a build-up of gift bags I don't want to re-use and end up going into the give away bag.  I'd like to think that someone else re-uses them.

For me, simple is always best, and something different from the crowd also makes a gift seem special.  I also appreciate a scheme that can be used for any occasion.. no more running out at the last minute to buy gift wrap in the theme of the party.  Not only does this make my life easier, but the kids love to decorate the paper themselves for friends birthdays.  Right now this means a session with felts and crayons.. but I see this evolving into stamping techniques as they get older.

For ribbons, I have a stash of satin and grosgrain ribbons which are getting passed around between friends and family on gifts.  I do love a nice satin ribbon.  Sometimes though, I get a hankering to do something just a little bit different.. and in the spirit of Mother's day, here's an idea for fabric bows that uses up scraps of fabric (or ribbon).

image from for the love

The tutorial is at for the love and is by Carrie of TheRoudyStroudys, and I found it via Poppytalk this morning.  And so, I will try some of these this week.. I think with a button in the center and using a needle and thread instead of glue and staples.  I am also wondering if done a little smaller it would make a cute hair clip flower?  I can see them in multicolour, out of ribbon.. so many possibilities!  I shall try.  I shall post.  We shall see.

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