Saturday, May 7, 2011

ribbon bows

remember these?
I sat down today with the kids and my mom and tried the ribbon bow tutorial.  I don't have pinking shears, so I decided to use up some ribbon scraps instead.  I followed the instructions, but stitched the loops together instead of using a stapler and glue gun.  I find hand sewing thoroughly enjoyable.  It's soothing to do something so quietly and slowly.  At least until I get the inevitable knot in my thread, which generally finds me putting it down and walking away until I find some patience.  Or chocolate.

my ribbon flower
I think mine turned out fairly cute.. too big and "loose" to use as a hair clip, but looks alright on the package.  I threaded some ribbon through the back to hold it in place.  I think I would prefer it out of something less glitzy, but that will wait for another day.

mom's ribbon flower
And speaking of glitzy.. mom made a flower out of some hot pink grosgrain ribbon by threading one edge and gathering it.  A rhinestone button I had hanging around finishes it off.  So cute, and this one would be great on a clip or hairband.  I also seems to be a much quicker way to make a flower.  Moms are so smart that way.

little girl's sewing
Little girl wanted to learn to sew on "the machine" this morning, but instead used needle and thread for the first time on a scrap of fabric.  The result is apparently a doggie toy.. "though not for a dog to actually play with, mom.. that would just wreck it".  Probably a good plan with the needle sticking out like that.  I was just happy that no tears or blood was shed... I'd call that a success!  Any ideas for teaching a 5 year old some sewing techniques?  I thought I'd get an embroidery hoop for practicing stitches, or maybe use some felt at first... I'd love to hear any ideas you have, or if you know of any good books or blogs with easy projects!

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