Sunday, January 30, 2011

Other wood bits

So beyond the plethora of wood on the ceilings and cabinets, we also sourced a NAUF birch plywood (are you sensing a theme here?) closet organization system through From the Forest.  Fred was gracious enough to allow us access to his shop one evening, where a frenzied 5-hour oiling stint ensued.  Yes, more hardwax oil (another recurring theme).

the pantry

In addition to the closets, we had Fred prep some 2" x 13" planks of reclaimed fir for our window sills.  Gorgeous.  I love that our 8 foot wide windows have one solid plank for a sill.

I love the stains of old nail holes
Now we just have to pick a colour!  The fir itself is a little too pink in undertone to coordinate with the birch and hemlock, so I went on the hunt for some non-toxic wood stain.  What I found is Saman.  It is available at Modern Paint and Floors in Kelowna.  The water-based stain is reminiscent of milk paint to me.  Only it is more translucent.  It appeals to the artist in me because you buy basic colors and mix your own custom one!  I picked up a Black, a White and a Navy to play around with.. I have made samples with different ratios of black/white and water (the Black has a blue enough undertone I didn't need the Navy).  The more water you add, the more translucent it becomes.

The stain does not take as well to the darker part of the grain, so the grain will definitely still show.  I have yet to tackle the actual project , but I will post pictures to show you the results!  Oh, and I'll top coat it with... you guessed it!  Hardwax oil!

I guess I'll have to finish unpacking these first...

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