Saturday, May 14, 2011

oh, sheet

Have you ever bought something and then really regretted it?  I usually buy my sheets at a discount home warehouse.. good quality 100% cotton sheets for a really reasonable price.  Fantastic.  
That is, until I decided that those sheets weren't good enough for me anymore... Cotton requires a ton of chemicals to grow, don't you know.

So off I went in search of the perfect sheets.. white, organic or bamboo, not too expensive.  Not only did I discover after many hours of shopping that organic or bamboo sheets are not readily available here, what I did find was really expensive.

I finally discovered some bamboo sheets from Home Outfitters.  I can't remember how much they were, I was on shopping overload by the time I found them.  But they were definitely reasonably priced.  I was happy.  I could sleep at night knowing my sheets were made from an earth-friendly fibre and that was that.  I loved my sheets.


I noticed after the first washing that the hemmed ends of the pillowcases and top sheet were quite wrinkly.  OK, I thought, I can live with that... cotton does that too.

Then I noticed that the fabric has a "grabby" quality (like a micro fibre cloth).  That means lots of hair stuck to the pillowcase (yuck, I know).  At first I thought I was going bald, so in a way the fact that it's the sheets is a relief.

After a few washes they started to pill.  A lot.

Is hate too strong of a word for how I feel about these sheets?  They have all the worst qualities of cotton and acrylic.  I can't believe I paid extra for them.  Next time I'm in the states I am going to be stocking up at Tar-gay on Organic cotton sheet sets.

So.. is it just me?  Did I stumble on the worst bamboo sheet set ever made?  Have any of you ever had this problem?  Should I give bamboo another chance?

And at what point is the sacrifice for a "green" product just not worth it?


missy said...

Oh Sheet! Oh that made me laugh!! Not your sheet problem, that I can relate to and honestly at this stage in our lives we need to be as comfy as we can when we crawl into those sheets at night because dang it that's the best time of the day!! I had a thought... make your own out of the bamboo jersey at Fabricland? I don't know much about making sheets - it could be twice as expensive to buy that much yardage - and jersey - yikes that could be a nightmare to sew, but wouldn't that feel so luxurious to sleep in???? Good luck!!

mika said...

Bamboo jersey at Fabricland? I'll have to go check that out.. haven't been there in ages! Glad I made you laugh, happy Saturday!