Friday, January 28, 2011

baseboards and cabinets

Well, we're in!  I have been so busy unpacking I have not even taken photos yet.. you'll have to wait a little while longer.. (oh, the suspense!)

In the meantime, here's a photo of the baseboards.   I left this decision really late, and I panicked a little about finding something no-VOC for the baseboards.  Luckily, we stumbled across domestic pine, the perfect solution!  We went with 1 x 8 boards, and had them painted the color of the walls.  We left the knots unfilled intentionally to keep some texture in the wood, and they turned out fantastic!

This is also the first time I am showing you the cabinets!  Rick at SuCasa Cabinets does such a fantastic job, and was so accommodating to my plans for the kitchen.  This photo shows the boxes, made from NAUF birch plywood, screwed together (rather than glued and nailed).

oven, sink under the window, fridge at the end

the cabinets are finished with (what else!) hardwax oil!

 horrible night-time shot of the bathroom vanity
It's worth mentioning that these cabinets are totally custom, and are not something one could ordinarily purchase at SuCasa Cabinets.  Rick and I have worked on a number of projects before, and he has really helped me out with my kitchen.  I don't know of anyone else in town that would have built these for us!

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