Saturday, January 8, 2011

Drywall mud

Here's a little follow up on the drywall mud... I could not do this job for a living.  The mess is insane

I love love love the drywall returns to the windows and doors.  It is so clean and sleek.

Greg covered the floor with paper.  Thank goodness.  Drywall dust is like sand.. and pet hair.  Somehow it gets into everything.  Even though the floors were covered, it still got underneath and is going to be a lot of work to clean out.  In hindsight perhaps we should have sealed the concrete immediately after it cured.  It would have made cleanup a whole lot easier.
"Who made this big mess?????" Lunette, the big comfy couch

The only upside to drywall mess is that it will only get cleaner from here on in folks.. the worst is over!

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Mike said...

I agree that is MESSY! :)