Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finishing inside the Polycarbonate panels

How are we going to finish this??  Greg and I have discussed this many times, and had the idea that it could be boxed out with plywood, but no idea if that was actually possible...

The before

the before
For structural reasons (always important) we have large bolts attaching the wood framing to the concrete block, and big braces to keep the trusses stable.  Very functional, not so pretty.  Enter our finishing "team".. Randy of Triple S Contracting, Leo of L&L Creative Works, Brett of D&B Hall Custom Homes, and James of James Ball Construction (he's the railing specialist... more on his work coming soon).  And...

the after
Voila!  Beautiful, simple, chunky.. and it looks like we planned it this way all along!  The boys boxed out around all the functional bits using the same 1/2" NAUF birch plywood we used on the ceiling.

lovely, no?

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