Wednesday, January 12, 2011

two things

I love the painting stage of a project.  It is always a turning point... the worst of the mess is over, and all the decisions I have carefully considered and re-considered over the last 6 months finally start to come together.  The home I have been visualizing for the last two years is finally becoming real!

Our painters helped us to choose a primer from General Paints that is made in Canada and a no VOC paint through ICI paints.  The colour is ICI 50YY 83/029 Natural White.  Everywhere.  Semigloss on the baseboards, eggshell on the walls, and flat on the bedroom ceilings.  The doors will be painted ICI 50BG 14/036 Great Grey.  It's a dark grey with a slight green undertone.  I love dark doors for contrast and interest.

I chose this white because is is warm, but doesn't take on the cast of another colour.  Whites can easily look pink, or blue, or green, or yellow because it takes very little tint to alter the color.  

You can see in this photo how compared to the primer white it looks VERY creamy (in fact in this picture it even looks a little pink, but that's deceiving.  Never trust photos of colours), but colour is all about context and you will see how it turns out to look white when the wood is in.

On another completely unrelated note... the soffits went up!  They are simple aluminum soffits, and we matched the color to the roof.  I think they look fantastic.

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