Saturday, August 18, 2012

coming along

All the painting is done.  All the oiling is done.  Things are starting to happen people, and none too soon as we are 13 days away from our one and only camping trip this year.  Thank goodness we booked this trip ages ago.  Without a deadline I am hopeless.  I thought I would do a little comparison about where we started and where we're at.

The front:  cleaned, painted, oiled, screens re-installed.  Still to do:  Put upholstery back in, sew curtains, cover old speaker fabric, fix up overhead light, flooring.

The kitchen:  cleaned, painted, oiled.  Still to do:  wax counters, install screen, put in shelf liner, install cabinet doors and hardware, fix lights, clean appliances, get a new fridge seal, flooring.

The bathroom:  cleaned, removed all plumbing fixtures, sprayed (more about that in a second), flooring removed, toiled removed and ordered.  Still to do:  order and install window blind, install toilet (?), buy new taps and instal, flooring, buy and install new light, get mirror put on cabinet doors, install cabinet doors.

Let me just say that this is not ALL going to happen before we go camping.  The flooring won't be done until after because the colour I want is out of stock.  But a lot of it will, after a big home depot trip tomorrow :)

A little bit about the bathroom... we had it sprayed with epoxy this week!  Once again, the pictures don't show the difference much but really we aren't going for a dramatic transformation, are we.. more of a freshening up.  The original colour in the bathroom was almond, and had yellowed quite a bit in certain areas over time.  It was also dull, especially the bottom half.  Don from Resurface Solutions came and sprayed it a custom colour (that sounds fancy, but really it was a mix of almond and white).
Stinky process, and a beautiful result.

Well, enough about that.. as I look at this list I realize that my list is long and time is short.  Have a great weekend!

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