Saturday, August 11, 2012

squeaky clean

The pictures may not show it, but goodness that trailer is clean!  Here are some clean shots, and I have to say it is a little disappointing that the difference does not show.  I love that I can touch any surface (except parts of the floor) with my bare hands and not have to wipe them on my pants after!

You'll see in the next photo that there is what looks to be water damage at the backs of some of the cabinets.  Yikes.  For now I am sanding down and hiding it with a coat of paint.

yes, this is after the cleaning :)
The scrub was a big job, and I'm glad it's done.. 'cause now it's on to the fun stuff!  Really, putting stuff back into the trailer is so satisfying, and I am the first to admit that I am dorky enough to get excited about new screen clips.  I may have even clapped a little.  Don't judge me.

and check out the clean screens!

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