Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy BC Day to those of you in this neck of the woods.. you may be enjoying your long weekend camping, or sitting on the beach, but we are taking the opportunity to get some serious work done on the trailer.   Let's start off with a pretty shot, 'cause things are going to get ugly.
not a bad way to start the day...
Here come photos of the interior after we had removed everything that is removable, and before the great scrub-down began.  The photos truly do not convey the griminess of this trailer.  Every surface was greasy feeling, and there are parts that I am convinced had not been cleaned since it left the factory in 1968.  That's 44 years of dirt, folks.  That dirt is older than me.

The cushions are gone to the upholsterer.
All the lower cabinet doors that can be removed have been, and are stored in my front entry with other bits and pieces (because nothing says welcome like a stack of dirty cabinet doors and an old toilet).  The green bins and screens were bathed in my tub and are stacked in the living room.  All the hardware and hinges that can be removed have been to be cleaned or replaced.  To the left of the window above the sink we took out a wood piece that was rotten.  We're not even sure why it was there, except perhaps to support some kind of window covering originally.  The filthy venetian blind that was there has been carefully stored in the garbage bin, which *sigh* also happens to be in the front entry.  

There were carpet scraps in the bottoms of the cabinets.  Underneath is the old plywood with leftover adhesive from the original floors.

The back bed.  Check out the funky fabric edge.  This may have been the original fabric for the upholstery.  Super cute actually.  Under these beds a whole lot of dirt is lurking.  And nut shells for some reason.  I did discover under this bed a few pieces of the original flooring, a 12x12 beige lino tile.

And the crown jewel.. the bathroom.  This shot was taken before I removed the cabinet doors.  Greg had the unfortunate task of pulling this room apart.  He was removing the old caulking, when all of a sudden I noticed the flooring had been thrown out the window (literally).  I guess new flooring is added to the list.
pretty, right?

poor Greg
And that's the worst of it.  It has been so long since we have done any renovating ourselves that I had forgotten how rewarding it is to bring something back to life again.  I have to say that now that we are past the dirty bit I am really enjoying it.  Here is a sneak peek at where this is all headed...

soooo much better!

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missy said...

Whoo hoo! I LOVE that colour palette! That's going to look so nice! Yeah, after just finishing our apartment reno I can totally sympathize with you. The end result feels so good!