Wednesday, August 22, 2012

new awning

Big change for our girl this week... a new awning was installed by the lovely folks at Artistic Awning.  The existing awning was incredibly moldy and smelly.  It was also pulling out of the track so had awning tape slapped on to it.  

The new awning is Sunbrella fabric, and is much much cuter.  Every girl wants to be cute.

We have also been fixing up some of the smaller details.  Making sure the lights work (all but one).

Greg and his helpful Dad also made sure all the appliances and whatnot are working, and located the plug-in spot.

I have been trying to figure out what to do with the old speaker fabric.  Above you see what we started with.  I tried painting it, but the fabric is too thick and absorbent.. never-mind the giant hole left from the stereo.  Then I found a tutorial for adhering fabric with cornstarch here so I gave that a try.

 It actually went pretty well (both sides are covered), but it was tricky to stick around the edge of the stereo hole.  Unfortunately when it dried the one on the left went orange in spots.  I'm thinking maybe dye from the old fabric coming through?  The fabric I used is a natural cotton canvas drop cloth.  It's stiff from the cornstarch.  I'm wondering what would happen if I painted it now that it is stiff and smooth.  Ideas?  Suggestions?  Solutions?

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Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog while looking for plywood ceiling panels.

Beautiful home. Enjoyed your blog immensely.

Thanks for sharing. :)

J. (Australia)