Tuesday, August 14, 2012

little things

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference, at least for me.  It doesn't matter how pulled together a space is if it doesn't look well cared for.  Even though we're in a time crunch getting ready for our first camping trip the first weekend of September, I can't resist the little things or the last minute decisions.
There is a row of overhead cabinets with flip-up doors that run down both sides of the trailer.  On the inside of each the heavy vinyl-type wall covering had lifted at the seam, exposing the old red adhesive.   I used some weld-bond glue and secured it overnight with some painter's tape and voila!

isn't that nice?
So worth the effort, and since I had everything on had I count that as FREE too.  My husband might disagree (we did buy the glue and tape honey...) but it's my blog, and my math :)

A last-minute, just-before-I-painted-it decision we made was to remove the existing folding table.  Now, we are saving as much original as possible but this table had been changed by a previous owner.  The frame was built out of unfinished pine, half of the original table, the hinge and leg were there.  The table used to have a fold out section so it was much bigger when up, but now it just lifted up as is.  Since we didn't love the original table finish (odd pinky-beige wood-grain laminate) out it came!
the old folding table
I can't find a photo of what the original cabinetry would have looked like, but there would have been a cabinet or something to cover where the pipe is exposed.  After we replace the flooring we will get some aluminum bent to replace the pipe covering in this section.

no more table
 So what are we going to eat on you ask?  Don't worry, there's a plan...

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